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If you didn't know that turtles masturbate, then you clearly haven't seen this actually adorable video of a little turtle making sweet love to a Croc sandal. Growing up as a Mormon, her only sex education at school was around abstinence. The idea is that the teacher chooses the things they think will work with the students in their class. It can be a bit awkward and embarrassing, but we should be talking about it. I met someone who thought it was totally fine to not use a condom and just pull out. Or just check out our top rated 10 fetish films! There is nothing wrong with masturbation.

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The comments posted below the video reveal the level of outrage over the material in the video, particularly as the children featured are minors.

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Why is this allowed??? We took to Youtube and searched for all things Fappable. It sounds kind of like a dog who got ahold of an annoying chew toy. Grab a towel! Topics Sex education. It helped me understand that side of things. It helps me feel like I can talk about it with my friends, whereas before it was like:

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